Buddha Biopharma

Finnish company established to market the inventions of Dr. Igor Pomytkin which promise a cure and prevention of Alzheimer’s and other CNS disorders.

Patent 6521665
Patent 7666908
Patent 8673977

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Dicholine Succinate Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease and Other Neurodegenerative DisordersBuddha Biopharma01 February 2012Not available
Actualizing Russian IdeasIHMISET01 August 2010English
New Idea to Prevent Alzheimer's DiseaseSavon Sanomat10 April 2010English
Buddha Biopharma Research Article 1BMC Pharmacology8 October 2007Not available
Buddha Biopharma Research Article 2BMC Pharmacology23 January 2008Not available
Buddha Biopharma Poster P4-224, ICAD2008Buddha BiopharmaN/ANot available